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About Us

There is a growing need for skilled and creative teachers in the changing world milieu –to nourish the students, to fire their imagination, to help them grow to their maximum potential. Recognizing the changing role of teachers in the global era and the qualitative improvement in education. In the wake of progressive educational policies been implemented in India and abroad, efficiency, expertise and effectiveness are the key skills to be imparted to the pupil teachers. The college endeavours at harmonious and all round development of the students by providing healthy and congenial atmosphere necessary for their intellectual, moral, aesthetic and physical growth as well as emotional stability. Recognizing these needs the managing committee of Shri Guru RamDas Institute of Management and Technology worked untiringly with a sense of devotion, zeal, vigour and commitment to set up this college.

SGRDIMT is committed to the excellence of Education, Training and Development of pupil-teachers to meet the challenges in rapidly changing educational scenario. We visualize to inculcate modern skills and knowledge to provide advanced sustainable ethical teachers to the society.

Our Mission is to provide professional quality education to equip the would be teachers to face new challenges, to impart expertise to them, to help them imbibe social values so that they become the torch bearers in the socio-economic and intellectual development of the country.